Making Mask-RCNN model for this pandemic situation.

What is Mask-RCNN?

  1. It generates proposals about the regions where there might be an object based on the input image.
  2. It predicts the class of the object, refines the bounding box and generates a mask in pixel level of the object based on the first stage proposal.

FPN (Feature Pyramid Network):-

RPN (Region Proposal Network):-

Prerequisites for making this model:-

  1. Account on Supervisely.
  2. Download your dataset for training the model. As I downloaded from kaggle.
  3. Account on AWS and know how to use it.

About Supervisely:-

With Supervisely you can:-

  1. Label images, videos, 3D point clouds, volumetric slices and other data in the best labeling tool.
  2. Manage and track annotation workflow at scale with teams, workspaces, roles and labeling jobs.
  3. Train and apply Neural Networks on your data — from our Model Zoo or your custom ones.
  4. Explore your data and automate common tasks with integrated Python Notebooks and Scripts.

Thank You…



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