Integration of Prometheus and Grafana over Kubernetes.


Problem Statement….

Here the task begins…

Here it build successfully…

Now we have push this image to Dockerhub.

Now again for Prometheus image

This is the Dockerfile of prometheus..

Again run this cmd..

Again this image is also successfully build.

Now here the time come to push this image into Dockerhub.

Now, we have to create the yml files for deploying it.







Now here is the kustomization file.

Here all the yml files are created.

Now we have to first start our minikube by run this cmd in command prompt.

After this we have to expose our pods.

For this we have to run this……

kubectl expose deployment prom-deploy --port=9090 --type=NodePort

kubectl expose deployment grafana-deploy --port=3000 --type=NodePort

Now check that your pods are ready or not by run this cmd….

At last go to the exposed IP address and see the output…….

Thats all about my Task

Thank you for reading……..